Movie Websites and Resources

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The Moose Hole
The place for definitive movie reviews from the past and present.

The Movie Insider
The Movie Insider is your source for movies! It is one of the biggest, accurate, and most up-to-date movie resources on the net.There's hundreds of reviews, interviews, daily news updates, columns, features, trailers and much more.

The Talented Mr. Damon
A site dedicated to the life and work of Matt Damon.

Movies Wallpapers
Collection of movies desktop wallpapers.

Movie reviews, box office predictions & reports, interviews, articles and more.

The Z Review
A Movie review site taking a stand against the never ending barrage of woeful movies from Hollywood

Ticket Movies
Among the best upcoming movie reviews site on the web. With in-depth articles, a blooming community of film buffs, and plenty of extras to spare.

Topical Movie
Latest movies coming to Singapore. Previews, Synopses, Trailers, Clips, Links and more.

Film Week
Free downloadable show transcripts of FILM WEEK, public radio's only weekly program on movies and video. The program features reviews of the latest theatrical releases, home video releases, and issues involving movies and society. Each week, two or three nationally known critics join Larry Mantle for the program.

UK Hot Movies: British Film Site
Movie news, reviews, features, galleries, competitions.

Wait for Video
Using the opinions of moviegoers, this site will help you decide whether a movie is worth seeing in theaters, waiting for the video/DVD, or just not seeing it at all.

Breathing new life into old films and movies. Goofs, mistakes and some real fun with Hollywood.

Wired on Movies
Offers a database of hundreds of free film scripts and reviews, plus movie previews, sounds, pics/posters, and much more.