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Your guide to movies headlines. There are archives of the movie news too.
Movie previews.

The Movie Page
The place for impressive movie reviews, news and miscellanous stuff like scripts, posters etc.
Featuring movie reviews, info about collecting movie props and celebrity wardrobe, and in depth coverage of popular series such as Seinfeld, Terminator, and Rocky.

Movie Station
Ultimate Movie Guide with reviews, pictures and user comments.

Movie Stuff
Limited edition film cells, movie posters, t-shirts, figures and memorabilia.

Movie Track
Movie and movie related technology news, movie reviews, free movie collecting software.

Movie Vault
Movie Vault carries a wide selection of movie reviews, as well as an online forum, chatroom, free homepages.

My DVD Library
Dedicated to building a comprehensive movie picture gallery of memorable movie moments. Browse your favorite movies, post comments and rate movie scenes. brings you news, reviews and previews in movies, games and entertainment. Movie showtimes, top 10 and more.

Robert O'Rourke Originals Fine Art
Fine art prints of classic films and more.

Onde-Spirale is a group of talented people that compose music for films and television. Many tracks to listen to in free streaming audio.

One Stop Review
Reviews on Movies, Music, Television shows, and DVD’s.

Swiss non-profit movie website maintained by young moviefreaks: german previews & reviews with high-quality images. also featuring one of the largest digital collections of recent movie posters.

Out Of The Crowd
Dedicated to the new, the rising, and the underappreciated.

Persons of Taste
Movie review forum with factions. Persons of little or no taste also welcome.

PopKorn Junkie
Movie and DVD reviews. Highlights: Trailer Trash and Celebrity Of The Week.

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
Film reviews by Vince Leo, from classics to new releases. the only online database of information about Music in the Movies. Great features, soundtrack credit listings, and more. Find out which movies your favorite song or band performed in!

Whoops! Movie Goofs Flubs Flaws and Mistakes
Movie goofs, flubs, flaws, bloopers and mistakes in hundreds of movies.
Upcoming Horror Movie News, DVDs, live chat, tribute to all horror films from 80's, 90's until today.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page
Hundreds of reviews of both classic and more recent sci-fi movies and DVDs, plus articles, message boards, dozens of clips and trailers, and more.

Screen Talk
The heart of this website is exclusive interviews with established TV and feature screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors from the worldwide community of filmmaking, as well as in-depth articles about the craft and the business of screenwriting.

Shades of Day
Shades of Day: The Art of Independent Film and Video Producing. Extensive database of film related resources

M. Night Shyamalan fansite
An M. Night Shyamalan fansite that has up-to-the-date news on his latest movies as well as his previous work.

Steven Spielberg Fansite
A wonderful place for all Dreamworks SKG related news and info. Look out for their reviews and Dreamworks movie fansites. - Celebrities & Astrology is a refreshingly unique astrology website that offers free personalized forecasts by email, innovative products, and original articles on the hottest celebrities. Get the insights that only astrology can reveal.

Star Pulse
A huge directory of your favourite actors, actresses, movies, music and more!

The Film Review
Film reviews by The Public, For The Public.

The Hollywood News
Movie news, reviews and previews website based in the UK. Movie news updated daily.