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Cinemax Online Ireland
A great design is featured on this site, with an appealing colour scheme and attractive images. Navigation is easy thanks to an efficient frames format. The content is highly detailed and the site is definitely worth a look for any moviegoers.

Craig's Movieland
Movieland offers movie reviews, boxoffice, coming-soon movies.

Internet Movie Script Database
Movie scripts free for reading and downloading.

MJF: Hollywood
A well organized sites with Movie reviews, Celebrity profiles and pictures, monthly awards, and much more!

Top Movies Now playing in Theaters
Movie reviews.

Movie Posters Archives
A movie weblog archiving images of memorable artworks used on movie posters, along with detailed descriptions.

The Movie Kingdom
After being started in 2002, the Movie Kingdom has grown since it was started and is still growing. The site has reviews and even their own movie awards.

Movies Resources
Directory of movies related websites and discussion groups.

AJ's Place
A.J.'s Place is the place to go for movies and more! AJ has reviews for movies, videos, DVDs and movie news.

A Tribute to Film Posters
A tribute to film posters including gangster, sci-fi and vintage films. Also includes the origins of film posters. photos of current movies.
Movie Reviews by various nationwide critics.

Baz the Great!
Fansite dedicated to all of Baz Luhrmann's movies, including the upcoming 'Alexander the Great'.

Angelica Diablo (movie)
Angelica Diablo tells the story of an ageless demon and her struggle to avenge the death of her parents. Set during the present day but making use of historical references such as the Spanish inquisition and Nazi Germany the tale creates a complex web of intrigue and adventure. Angelica Diablo is a Coastal Comics, Ariock & Tina Krause co-production.
#1 Ranked African American Movie Entertainment Site On The Web!

The Box Office GreenHorn
What do you know? A greenhorn at boxoffice charts? Nah, check this website on the latest boxoffice grosses!
Filled with loads of boxoffice features like predictions, actual charts and figures, new releases, yearly and weekend boxoffice number and more.

Anime DVD
Anime DVD, graphic novel, and anime soundtrack's from Buy DVD, including Inuyasha, Samurai X, Hellsing, Trigun, and Ninga Scroll.

Casting Agent
UK’s leading casting resource to film, theatre and television companies seeking vetted, experienced and professional actors.

Celebrity Pictures
A very extensive gallery of pictures and wallpapers of both male and female celebrities... don't miss it!

Celebrity Pictures Archive
A huge archive of celebrity photos.

Chainwars Movies
Reviews of the greatest films from silent classics to modern horror, as well as top ten films, quotes and stills.

Cinema Confidential
A great site with lots of interesting info on upcoming films of many years to come. Filled with articles and reviews, Cinema Confidential is your next choice after us.

The CineFiles
The CineFiles: Where Other Reviewers Fear to Tread.

Largest Swiss movie website, all programmes, previews, reviews, release dates, rating, pictures, trailers.

Cinema Spider
Offers links to news and websites about movies

Cinematic Groupx
A web site devoted to film and filmmaking. The website features reviews, previews, columns and loads more.

Exploring tomorrow's movies today!
Movie reviews of all times about all the Cinemas in the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood.
Provides a service for anybody that has a great idea for a movie but doesn't know what to do with it. Other services include story and treatment analysis, rewriting and adaptation. Helpful resources include: tips to the screenwriter, contest advice by a top judge and useful writing and movie related links.